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QUINCE is an immersive queer quinceañera that follows a Chicana coming to terms with her sexuality, family, and religion.

The August 2020 workshop of QUINCE at the People's Garden became the first theater to happen in NYC during the COVID pandemic.

In 2022 QUINCE completed a four week run at the Bushwick Starr concluding in a one day event QUINCE EN LA PLAZA at Lincoln Center.

If you're interested in brining QUINCE or a QUINCE themed event to your community email

at the Bushwick Starr June of 2022

Sara Gutierrez, Brenda Flores (2) in QUINCE.JPG
Quince22-019 (1).jpg
Ellpetha Tsivicos in QUINCE.jpg
Talisa Velázquez (2) in QUINCE.png

Listen to our feature on WNYC!!!

"Quince felt like the start of something entirely new. While theatre might look different moving forward, I was reminded that community is still its core..." - Allison Considine, American Theatre


at the People's Garden in August of 2020

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