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Fruit D.

The Brooklyn Cumbia Festival is a multi-day community-focused music festival that celebrates Cumbia music from its origins in Colombia to its modern forms across Latin America—taking place in community gardens, public parks, and iconic Brooklyn venues with music workshops, dancing, DJs, live bands, food, drinks, and arts & crafts. There is no other event on the East Coast that celebrates the importance of Cumbia music. We believe that music is for the people, so come dance your ass off with One Whale’s Tale!

A poetry and creative writing and arts healing program for formerly incarcerated individuals that seeks to create a place to share, grow, and build a creative practice framed by post-incarcerated life.

This project is made possible by support from Humanities NY.

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I wish

QUINCE en la Plaza took over the entirety of Hearst Plaza and brought together diverse artists from the Latin American diaspora. This event was commissioned by Lincoln Center for their Summer for the City inaugural season. It featured the cast of QUINCE, four bands, an indigenous dance group, food from local Brooklyn based vendors, original installation art, and a lowrider. This event alone employed over 50 artists, and engaged an audience of 300-500 people. More importantly, it brought Latin American culture to one of the most prestigious American arts institutions and promoted the idea that immigrant art is American art. Let us customize an event like for your institution!

QUINCE is a magical immersive comedy that follows a 15 year-old Chicana confronting her queer identity, family and religion on the eve of her quinceañera – a rite-of-passage ushering a girl’s transition into womanhood, emphasizing the importance of family and community. The vibrant, immersive experience features music, dance, food, and art inspired by Latin American rituals, mythology and magic! A workshop of QUINCE premiered at The People's Garden in August of 2020 as part of the TEAM's Petri Projects. It was the first live theater to happen in New York during the pandemic, and revolutionized the way we explored the arts within Covid. The following year it had a sold out run as part of The Bushwick's Starr 2021-2022 season. It's now preparing to come to a city near you!


In "Persou," audiences enter a mysterious ancient ceremony at the Temple of Aphrodite, becoming part of the goddess Demeter's plot to eliminate Winter and create an everlasting Spring. Inspired by Homeric hymns, Giorgos Seferis' poetry, and traditional dances, this immersive experience explores loss, death, displacement, and grief. During this immersive performance we collectively bury Persefoni, along with the thing's that we need to let go of, while a live band serenades us through a night of mischief, snacks, and dance. The audiences leaves being reminded that it is only with the darkness of winter that we have spring. This show was performed in May 2021 at the Cell theatre in an indoor / ourdoor setting but can be adapted to gardens, ancient ruins, spaces with beautiful energy, or just any general cool spaces! 

A quirky film noir about a specialty detective hired to track down a missing person but instead finds herself caught up in a web of deceit, murder, infidelity, and a puzzling case of missing fruit. Femme Fatales, a creepy villain, and downtown Los Angeles bring this screwball comedy to life.

Quince en la plaza

One Whale’s Tale partnered with Team Epiphany to bring to life an immersive event in celebration of Clue’s newest rebranding iteration. The evening kicked off with a live theatrical performance where guests had the rare opportunity to meet the new reimagined characters of Scarlett, Solicitor Peacock, Mayor Green, Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, and Chef White in the flesh, suspicious and all (as well as a special post-mortem video from Boddy himself).

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